Warranty & Services

Pacific Home Warranty
All Cobblestone Homes are covered by the Pacific Home Warranty Insurance Services Inc. Each project is subjected to multiple review assessments by Pacific Home Warranty’s inspectors during construction.

Warranty coverage includes:

  • 12 months on materials and labour
  • 24 months on mechanical systems (this includes gas, electrical, plumbing, heating, and ventilation)
  • 5 years on the building envelope
  • 10 years on the structural elements.

Purchasers receive a homeowner’s manual to outline proper care and maintenance of their new home. This contains a description about the construction, maintenance, and servicing of their new home and complete description of the warranty.

For more information: www.pacificwarranty.com


Cobblestone Homes Ltd. is a member of the BUILT GREEN®. This is an industry driven voluntary program promoting “green” and “sustainable” building practices as to reduce the impact that building has on the environment. BUILT GREEN® homes are 3rd party certified, energy efficient and environmentally responsible homes.

For more information: www.builtgreencanada.ca